Our Company

We take an engineering approach to every job, instituting systems and technology that       ensure quality and cost efficiency. Attention to coordination, control and scheduling helps minimize waste maximum output.

Our capabilities rage from engineering, designing and detailing of gypsum works through fabrication and fixing, enabling us to handle the complete project or any portion thereof.

We always lay emphasis on execution of the job and also to complete the as scheduled and to the highest standards.

We as a company are committed to aligning value with customer service. We believe that a successful business relationship requires that both companies commit their resources to a common objective of getting things through effective dedication to the project.

We are also committed to providing the right support and learning opportunities to out employees, to  keep us out front,  so that you  can be out front with us in setting the  standards  by  which  other business  benchmark themselves.

This is a  cultural trait  that  sets  us  apart  and  gives us marketable  edge to  continue a successful  legacy.

AGDC LLC   is committed to the highest standard of quality through a system of continual improvement.  This dedication is reflected in our goal to exceed customer expectation.  We have  earned our  reputation  for excellence  through a strong commitment  to  providing quality products and  fast, friendly, professional service.

Workforce & Transportation

We  emerge  as  the  pioneer  in  the  field  with  the  expertise and  experience of more than  25  skilled  labors,  two  site  supervisors and two project  manager. We have adequate amount of vehicles while includes 2-ton pickup for supplying of the raw material to the respective sites.

A 15- Seater mini bus for the staff and 2 salon cars for our Project Manager  and supervisors.